The Temazcal is a tradition of our pre-Hispanic ancestors

The Temazcal is a tradition of our pre-Hispanic ancestors, it is a steam bath in which hot stones are used to active the principles of certain Mexican medicinal plants with health benefits.

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BHealing steam-bath that combines the attributes of the 4 elements: the mother earth that absorbs all the impurities, the water that cleans and clarifies, the fire as a purifying element and the air ancestor´s breathe.

The temazcal is a bath of sweating caused by pouring a tea of a rich mixture of aromatic medicinal plants on red-hot stones, so that the benefits of the detoxification sudorific are added to the powerful therapeutic effects of the plants, which enter the body through the skin and the respiratory system, thus stimulating circulation and regulating blood pressure, activating metabolism and accelerating the elimination of physical, mental and mental toxins, significantly improving the functions of all our devices and systems.

When entering the temazcal ...

...we return in symbolic form to the maternal womb (the Mother Earth), reason why the exit represents the rebirth.

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