For Posada del Tepozteco the health and safety of our employees, customers and our community has always been a priority.

We recognize the plight of the global spread of Covid-19 which commits us to act consciously and responsible.

We share the health safety guidelines you must follow during your visit:

Save a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other groups of guests or our collaborators. We set minimum distance marks, organize tables and other physical designs to ensure proper distance.

Please use a mask since your arrival at the hotel and when walking through our common areas.

We invite you to discard the masks at the end of their use in the trash cans with lid that will be at your disposal in the different areas of the hotel.

Proper hygiene and frequent hand washing with soap is vital to prevent contagion. Apply 70% gel alcohol solution to your hands, you will find dispensers at the entrance, the front desk and in the different common areas of the hotel.

Upon arrival at the hotel you will be taken the temperature with a remote thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 37.5°C or 99.5°F will not be able to enter the property and will be recommended for medical care.

At Posada del Tepozteco we carry out the following protocols and guidelines:

Sanitary safety guidelines for guests.
Health safety guidelines for employees.
Health safety guidelines for suppliers, contractors and visits.
Special filters that include disinfectant mats, temperature intake and alcohol gel in hands.
Vulnerable personnel detection protocol.
Rooms cleaning and disinfection protocol.
Cleaning and disinfection protocol of the restaurant area.
Cleaning and disinfection protocol for all different areas of the hotel.
Baggage disinfection protocol.
Protocol of proper use of personal protective equipment.
Health promotion guidelines.
Protocol for non-discrimination of persons with Covid-19.

Training program for all staff:

"Prevention of Covid-19"
"Recommendations on Safe Return to Work"
"Tourism: Safe Return"
"Training of Healthy Return Monitors"

Health badges:

We have the Safe Travels Distinction for the correct implementation of protocols and guidelines developed by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the main international travel and tourism associations to preserve the health of the Travellers.

We have the Distinctive H by the Ministry of Health and the Federal Tourism Bureau, on good practices in food and beverage management and we adhere strictly to its manuals and procedures. Folio 14444.

We have the Responsible Host Badge Award by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the State of Morelos.

We have the Distinguished Responsible Company granted by The City Council of Tepoztlán. Folio 0007.

We have the Health Security Badge granted by the Government of Mexico and Mexican Institute of Social Security, which is the result of having a Healthy Return Monitor, having made the Health Security Protocol and having successfully approved our evaluation on the government platform.
Government Folio: NN2406112809879
Capacitation Folio: COVID11001026431
SS Distinctive Folio: SD2009231141361592

If you would like to receive complete information about our health guidelines and protocol please request it at rp@posadadeltepozteco.com

All Posada del Tepozteco collaborators are happy to welcome you again!


Tels +52 (739) 395 00 10 / +52 739 395 3212
Whats App Concierge +52 (777) 103 03 15

If you require more information about Coronavirus please call:
800 00 44 800 Covid-19 Epidemiological and Health Intelligence Unit in Mexico